VIDEO: Why don’t traditional inductions work anymore?


At Tribe, we’ve noticed a surge in companies looking to update their induction process – whether it’s more interactivity, ‘sticky’ activities or using virtual techniques. We asked our consultants why traditional induction techniques are no longer fit for purpose.

Tribe’s Lead Consultant Bridget Leathley reveals the how the use of technology within modern learning has impacted employee’s expectations.

“People who are joining the workforce now have learnt in a very different way to those already at work.”

While outdated methods, the lack of engagement and a one-size-doesn’t-fit-all-approach are some reasons behind the need to modernise inductions, Lead Consultant Ratna Morjaria explains, “There’s a whole science behind how people learn, and we need to be flexible about how we work to get people on board.”

You’ll need to consider the changing needs of your workforce to ensure your health and safety programmes are engaging, relevant, and effective.


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