Why not take this opportunity to raise levels of health and safety awareness within your business? Here are some resources and ideas to help you engage your people.

How can we increase safety & health awareness?

  • Help to focus your leadership team on lessons learnt from last year, as they finalise the strategy for health, safety & culture. Our recent Insight Report provides some useful pointers to help plan for success in a post pandemic world.
  • This week provides a great opportunity to run a health and safety session for your team/s. Plan your session beforehand so that you can get people talking in a natural and positive way.

Here are 5 steps to build your session around:

– Prepare a strong introduction to capture people’s attention
– Share a story that brings your message to life
– Ask open questions to stimulate a two-way dialogue
– Challenge people by bringing up topics that gets to the heart of a key issue
– Get a commitment to a small achievable goal and be ready to follow up on it.

Another date for your diary is:
Mental Health Awareness Week – 10-16 May.

  • This film encourages people to ask friends, colleagues and family ‘How are you – really?’ …and be ready to really listen. It will be a be a useful resource to get people talking. Created by us for the Port of London, we are keen to help them to share this message far and wide. Show it as part of a team talk, post it on your intranet… let’s raise awareness and banish the stigma. See it here.
  • You may be used to having one to one safety conversations but find talking about wellbeing more challenging. Here are some tips on how to have effective wellbeing conversations.

Members of Tribe’s Chrysalis Culture Hub can take advantage of the ‘World Health and Safety Day – Communications toolkit’ and be ready for Mental Health Awareness Week – with a ready-to-go event pack. All of this is available to members as well as insight papers, how to videos, consultancy packages and more.  Find out how you can join at www.chrysalisculturehub.com

For more ideas about how to improve safety and health at your workplace, you can always get in touch with us.