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Drawing upon our 25 years of experience in driving successful culture change programmes, Tribe is proud to present the Chrysalis Culture Hub.

Chrysalis provides everything you need to drive a positive change in the attitudes, values and beliefs of your workforce towards health, safety and wellbeing.

Why join Tribe’s Chrysalis Culture Hub?

The Chrysalis Culture Hub is a valuable resource to support your health, safety and wellbeing team. It provides expert advice, and the latest research to support your culture change programme, as well as the communication and engagement tools you need to drive momentum within your organisation. In addition, you'll have the opportunity to network with other health, safety and wellbeing professionals in our membership forums and events. 

Benefits at a glance

• Confidence and support to plan and run a successful health, safety and wellbeing culture change programme

• Informed decision making, through culture change insights and advice

• Upskill and prioritise resources, by providing your team with practical advice and tools

• De-mystify the culture change process, with our three-stage approach

• Pace and flexibility, to support different stages of cultural development

• Opportunities to connect with an expert network.

What does membership include?


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New Insight document available every month for members

Choose from a wealth of practical engagement and culture change tools, based on Tribe’s three-stage approach.

Your Chrysalis toolkit wil help you Activate your programme and get to the heart of your existing culture, Motivate your workforce with creative and engaging communications and Cultivate your success with support and advice for continuous improvement.


• Engagement materials

• Supervisor briefing toolkits

• E-learning and workshop tools

• Motivating films 

Get unlimited access to a library of research and insight documents, all compiled by leading culture change experts in the field of health, safety and wellbeing.

Receive information, advice and guidance for every stage of your culture change journey.

• Culture maturity survey templates 

• Templates and frameworks 

• Insight papers 

• How to’ guides and videos 

• Two days expert consultancy support


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Join a network of fellow Health, Safety and Wellbeing professionals to boost innovation and bounce ideas.

Chrysalis forums and regular events provide a safe space for like-minded professionals to share experiences, learn together and encourage ideas. Facilitated by our expert consultants.

• Thought leader events 

• Member forum 

Stay ahead of the latest culture change trends by being the first to receive regular insight and opinion pieces from Tribe’s thought leaders.

Be among the first to receive regular thought leaders’ articles, including interviews with Tribe lead consultants and clients.

• Member exchanges 

• Panel discussions 

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